Tag search

Performs a Google search.

Tag Information
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

cachefalsetruejava.lang.StringSpecifies whether results are cached between search requests.
filterfalsetruejava.lang.StringActivates or deactivates automatic results filtering.
keyfalsetruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the authentication key.
lrfalsetruejava.lang.StringRestricts the search to documents within one or more languages.
maxResultsfalsetruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the number of results desired per query.
restrictfalsetruejava.lang.StringRestricts the search to a subset of the Google web index.
safeSearchfalsetruejava.lang.StringEnables filtering of adult content in the search results.
sitefalsetruejava.lang.StringRestricts the search to documents within the specified site.
startfalsetruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the index of the first desired result.
typefalsetruejava.lang.StringSpecifies the file type to be searched.

No Variables Defined.

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